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What Others Are Saying.....


“Looking for a woman’s health provider that has a kind, knowledgable and caring staff? You will find it at CWH. I've been a part of CWH’s family for awhile now and through every procedure, routine check-up and post-op visit, I’ve always felt like I received the best possible care. They always make me feel at ease and answer all of my questions. Visit CWH and you will feel the same way.”
— Troy M.

“The office made me feel very comfortable and Dr. Takhsh put my mind at ease.”
— Nancy H.

“Having my procedure done in the office was quick and convenient. I didn’t have to waste a day at the hospital.”
— Sara M.

“I checked with my insurance and they said that if I had the Novasure done at Dr. Takhsh’s office it would be much less expensive. They were right and I felt more comfortable, too.”
— Joan P.

“I received a call from the office staff the day after my Novasure procedure. They were just checking to make sure I was comfortable and asked if I had any questions. You just don’t find that kind of care in healthcare anymore.”
— Antoinette J.

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